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The heilusan Story

The brand name „heilusan“ is composed of the two words „Heilen“ (heal) and „Sano“ (lat. = to cure) and thus ideally describes the core message of the brand. With the help of the heilusan®  products we want to improve your health and the well-being of many people around the world, because health is one of our most important goods.

Since the launch of the brand in 2005 the heilusan®  portfolio has been continuously developed, renewed and adjusted to people’s requirements and demands. With innovative dosage forms and individual product concepts we always try to find the optimal solution for the product and the target group. Today heilusan®  covers a comprehensive range of OTC health products, which include all important application resp. indication areas with different dosage forms and product categories.

The development of the heilusan brand

The originally pure cough and cold brand with many well-known herbal medicinal products has developed to a OTC allround-brand today (OTC = Over-the-counter). Especially in the area of food supplements and cosmetics heilusan®  has successfully developed by innovative product concepts and has strongly increased its portfolio.

The wide scope of our product range allows us to offer „OTC from one source“. The varied heilusan®-portfolio can be adapted optimally to different international markets and focuses on the various market requirements in case of new product developments.

You are provided a detailed insight in the product diversity of heilusan®  in our product range.

To our product area

heilusan today

In addition to the German home market Heilusan meanwhile has been established in many other countries in Europe and Asia. Our products are availlable for everybody and can be found either in wholesale and retail sector or in drugstores (outside of the pharmacy).

What started in Bad Heilbrunn in Upper Bavaria in 2005, was successfully continued and internationalized by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers – the Aenova-group. Today, the brand belongs to EVP Euro Vital Pharma GmbH. EVP is specialized in the OTC Retail sector and has been the market leader in the German food retail sector for many years.

Today heilusan®  is an internationally fast growing OTC-brand with attractive and innovative health products. Convince yourself of our competence and international experience.

Quality promise – Made in Germany

All heilusan®  products are developed and manufactured in Germany. They are subject to the highest quality requirements and standards. The products experience a strong market acceptance among our final customers and business partners.

heilusan®  stands for quality made in Germany at competitive prices.

Your opinion is important to us

We always try to find suitable solutions and responses for our end consumers and business partners. We are looking forward to your requests and suggestions and try to offer you the best possible advise and support.

Feel free to contact us through one of the provided channels and we’ll be in touch with you immediately.

Your heilusan® -Team