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Throat tablets

24 lozenges

Relieves sore throat

For temporary supportive treatment of stomatitis and inflammation of the pharynx. 

1 lozenge contains:
Active ingredient: 1,0 mg cetylpyridinium chloride (Ph.Eur.)

Other ingredients:
Sorbitol (Ph.Eur.),magnesium stearate (Ph.Eur.),peppermint flavour, natural, spray dried.
Contains sorbitol and peppermint flavour. 

•  Lozenges for application in adults and children aged 3 years and above 
•  sugar-free   


Further information

Pharmaceutical product (Germany)

Throat tablets – acute help for throat and pharynx are a mouth- and pharynx therapeutic.

Especially during the cold season, but as well in case of overuse of the voice and prolonged talking or singing, by smoke or dry and dusty air an irritation of the respiratory tract may occur.
The consequent symptoms are pain, reddening and scratching in the throat as well as swallowing difficulties. If the throat is inflamed heilusan®  throat tablets - acute help for throat and pharynx help to improve the well-being.
By sucking the tablet the active ingredient is slowly released and thus be fully effective in mouth and pharynx.

Dosage instructions: 
Adults and children take 1 lozenge every two hours daily.
Allow 1 lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth - best in the cheak pouch.
In total 5 tablets a day.
Don't take for the long term without obtaining medical or dental advice. 

Dosage form and content: 
24 tablets for sucking.
For application in mouth and pharynx. 

Store medicinal products out of the reach of children.
Don't store above 25°C. 

Please read the package leaflet.