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Ribwort cough syrup

250 ml Syrup

Relieves throat irritation – to alleviate cold symptoms of the respiratory system 

To improve cold symptoms affecting the respiratory system. 

100 g (equivalent to 80 ml) syrup contain:
Active ingredient:
5 g fluid extract of ribwort herb (1:1),
extracting agent: ethanol 20 % (m/m).

Other ingredients:
Potassium sorbate (Ph. Eur.),peppermint oil, sugar syrup, invert sugar syrup, honey, purified water.
Contains invert sugar, potassium sorbate, peppermint oil and a low alcoholic component (less than 100 mg per single dose). 

•  Syrup for application on adults and children  


Further information

Herbal pharmaceutical product for catarrh and diseases of the respiratory tract (Germany) 

The effect of the ribwort-medicinal plant has been proved as a remedy with cough, hoarseness and upper respiratory catarrh from time immemorial. The ribwort cough syrup contains an extract of ribwort herb, which active ingredients have a soothing and antobacterial effect.
heilusan®  ribwort cough syrup contains honey and is ideally suitalbe for children.  

Dosage instruction:
Adults and adolescents take 15 ml (dosing cup filled up to the calibration mark = 15 ml),  schoolchildren 5 ml (dosing cup filled up to the calibration mark = 5 ml) and infants 2,5 ml (dosing cup filled up to the calibration mark = 2,5 ml) 4 - 6 times throughout the day.
Ribwort cough syrup can be taken undiluted. 

Dosage form and content: 
250 ml syrup for oral intake. 

If symptoms consist, in case of breathlessness, fever, discharge of pus or blood you should consult a doctor.

Don't store above 25 °C.
Store medicinal products out of the reach of children.
Ribwort cough syrup can be used for 3 months after opening the bottle.
Please read the package leaflet.