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Fennel honey AH

350 g Syrup

Used for colds of the upper respiratory - for children aged 1 year and above

Colds of the upper respiratory with viscous mucus in children.  

100 g Syrup contain as active ingredient 0,05 g bitter fennel oil.

Other ingredients:
honey, sucrose (sucrose / sugar),purified water.
Contains invert sugar and sucrose (sucrose/sugar).


In ancient cultures honey was used for the recovery of humans in various ways. heilusan®  fennel honey AH furthermore contains the valueable oil of fennel fruits. Its useful characteristics are well-known, especially when used for colds of the upper respiratory.

Today the fennel honey is good to be used as a natural remedy with a gentle but lasting effect, especially for children.The good taste of the fennel honey AH is very important. The honey can be used pure with the handy measuring spoon or taken in diluted in warm milk or tea.  


Further information

Herbal pharmaceutical product (Germany) 
Fennel honey AH is a herbal medicinal product used for colds of the upper respiratory. 

Fennel honey AH
Syrup for oral intake for children aged 1 year and above. 

Dosage instruction: 
Children aged 1 year and above take a measuring spoon (5ml equivalent to 6,5 g) of fennel honey AH 2-3 times a day.
Shake well before use! 

Dosage form and content: 
350 g syrup for oral intake.
The fennel honey AH can be used for 4 months after opening the bottle. 

Information for diabetics: 100 g contain 37,5 g invert-sugar (mixture of fructose and glucose) and 37,5 g sucrose (sucrose/sugar) equivalent to 6,25 BE. 

Store medicinal products out of the reach of children. 

Please read the package leaflet.