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Cold and relief bath

250 ml liquid bath essence

To alleviate cold symptoms of the respiratory system 

For supportive treatment of cold symptoms of the respiratory system with thick phlegm. 

100 g (= 94,3 ml) liquid bath essence contain:
Active ingredient: Eucalyptus oil 20 g
Other ingredients:
Polysorbate 20, macrogol 400, patent blue V (E131),quinoline yellow (E104),purified water. 


The addition of medicinal herbs to baths has been known for ages and are appreciated all over the world. heilusan®  cold and relief bath has positive and warming effects even at the beginning of a cold. It supports the healing process of cold symptoms of the respiratory system by its high content of eucalyptus oil. The expectorant effect is quickly released by the inhalation of the essential oil during bathing. As partly the eucalyptus oil is absorbed through the skin, a lasting effect might be reached. The subsequent bed rest has a supportive effect.
Thus heilusan®  cold and relief bath contributes to the well-being. 

•  Highly dosed - with 20% eucalyptus oil 


Further information

Herbal pharmaceutical product (Germany)

Cold and relief bath is a herbal bath essence for external application. 

Dosage instruction:
For a full bath (approx. 100 l water) add 20 to 30 ml (equivalent to 2 to 3 caps) of cold and relief bath to the bath water and evenly distribute by stirring by hand.
Bath temperature: 35 – 38°C, bathing time: 10 – 20 minutes.
3 – 4 baths per week as needed.
Preferably rest 15 minutes after bathing. 

Dosage form and content :
250 ml liquid bath essence for preparation of full baths. 

Avoid the area aroung the eyes!
Store medicinal products out of the reach of children.
Please read the package leaflet. 
Don't store above 25°C.