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Hemorrhoid Ointment

Ointment / 30g or 60g

Relief of complaints caused by haemorrhoids

White petrolatum, lnolin, lanolin alcohol ointment, medicinal yeast, purified water, medium-chain triglycerides, hard paraffin, highly disperse silicon dioxide, tannic acid, alkaline bismuth gallate, fluid extract of hamamelis bark

Hemorrhoid Ointment is is ready to use for internal and external hemorrhoids in the end region of the rectum and of the anus for the physical protection of the imperforate anal mucosa in adults and for the prevention of pathological itching. 

Further information

Medical device
The product is designed and suitable for the professional care of patients, the handicapped and the eldery, and for domestic use.
Hemorrhoid Ointment achieves a physical relief of bowel movements by lubricating the rectum, the anus, and protects the imperforate anal mucusa in case of hemorrhoids. The product improves the sliding properties of the stool, reduces pressure on the stool and protects the mucosa membrane from laceration and itching.

Dosage instructions: 
The anal areas as well as you hands should be cleaned carefully before each application of hemorrhoid ointment with tepid water.
In case of external hemorrhoids, apply directly 2-3 cm of ointment with cleaned and uninjured fingers.
For application to the rectum (for internal hemorrhoids) screw the enclosed applicator (accessory) to the tube and lubricate the tip with product. Then insert the applicator carefully into the anus and apply the product in a rotatory movement inside the anus by pressing the tube once/twice. Clean the outside of the applicator after use carefully with tepid soap water. It is advisable to cover clothing.
Apply hemorrhoid ointment by inserting applicator into the anus two to three times a day or before bowel movement, respectively.
The continued application should not exceedfour weeks.

Dosage form and content:
Ointment / 30g or 60g

The product should not be applied if blood discharge or blood is suspected in stool and if there is simultaneous occurrence of pain and fever.
The product is solely designed for application to the treatment area and may not enter the body by ingestion.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

When using hemorrhoid ointment in the area of the anus and at the same time using condoms of latex, the tensile strenght may be reduced and thus lead to reduced protection from the condom due to the excipients petrolatum and paraffin.

Hemorrhoid Ointment may not be applied when an allergy to one of the ingredients are known.

The product may not be applied during pregnancy or lactation.