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Nasal douche salt

60 sachets

For prevention of colds and to combat high pollen or dust levels

●  for cleansing of nasal mucous membran from dust, allergens and pathogens 
●  for moistening the nasal mucous membrane 
●  for prevention of colds by supporting the function of the nasal mucous membrane 

1 sachet contains:
2,95 g pharmaceutical sodium chloride (100% sodium chloride Ph. Eur.) 

●  Without preservatives 
●  Without added flavours 

Suitable fo all nasal douches! 


Further information

Medical device (EU) 

The rinsing of the nose with a saline solution is a method known for centruries, to softly clean the nose from dust particles and dirt, but also from allergens and pathogens.
If used daily the removal of potential pathogens and pollen will be supported, which can be very helpful during cold and pollen season. 

Dosage instruction:
Dissolve 1 sachet of salt in 100 – 250 ml warm water and rinse the nose with the solution. The less water, the  stronger is the saline solution. 
The nasal douche salt is suitable for adults and children aged above 6 years, when correctly used.  

Dosage form and content:
60 sachets à 2,95g = 177g
for prepararion of a hypertonic nasal rinsing solution. 

Do not store residual quantities of saline solutions, since the nasal douche salt is preservative free. Use one sachet per application completely. 

Store out of the reach of children. 
Please read the package leaflet.
Don't store above 25°C. 
Store dry.
For single use only. 
Not for oral intake. 

The nasal douche salt should not be used after expiry date.