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Gargle solution

250 ml

Soothing and pleasant – for sore throat and hoarseness

Application areas: 
For supportive treatment of sore throat and hoarseness.

Water, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, aluminium chloride hexahydrate, peppermint flavour, cetylpyridinium chloride, sodium saccharin, propylene glycol, colouring agent E 131.  


The ready-to-use heilusan® throat solution is suitable for gargling in case of sore throat and hoarseness and can provide pleasant relief.

The throat solution is especially effective by the adstringent property of aluminium chloride. Thus the surface of the mucous membrane is strengthened and therefore can be better protected against bacterial infection.

By gargling several times a day the throat solution takes effect within throat and pharynx and supports the removal of pathogens.

●  with a fresh mint flavour

●  ready-to-use solution  


Further information

Medical device (EU)

For gargling and rinsing of mouth and pharynx.

Dosage instructions and duration of application:
The solution is ready-to-use and therefore to be applied undiluted. Fill the dosing cup with approx. 10-15 ml throat solution and gently gargle or rinse the throat and pharynx for about 1 minute.
Don’t swallow and don’t rinse with water. Apply up to 5 times a day as required.
Don’t dispense the solution directly from the bottle into the mouth.
Carefully clean the measuring cup after each application. 

The medical device throat solution is intended for short-term application and shouldn’t be used continuously more than 30 days without consulting a doctor. 

Dosage form and content:
250 ml ready-to-use solution.

Not intended for human consumption.
Store out of the reach of children.
Suitable for adults and adolescents aged 12 years and above. Don’t store above 25°C. Protect from heat. Store in a dry place.
Please read the package insert.
Observe warnings.
Use within 6 months after opening.
Don’t use beyond the expiry date.

The symptoms to be treated may have different causes. If there is no improvement, a doctor should be consulted.